Joe Rehfuss


Full-Stack Web Developer

I am a Seattle-based full-stack web developer with a passion for creating efficient, user-friendly applications. I am excellent at problem solving, able to overcome challenges quickly, and thrive when working as part of a team. In my free time, I enjoy board games and bouldering.


React Codenames


A digital version of the popular board game Codenames. Two teams of players try and alert their secret agents to their new orders before the other team can do the same. Built entirely in React.



Animl is a full-stack web application that allows users to search for any animal they wish to see and populates a map with all confirmed sightings of said animal in their county as reported by the USGS and other users. Built on Express, and Node, with the Google Maps API and BISON API.



Skavengr is a full-stack web application for creating and managing scavenger hunts. Users, once they have signed up, can create a scavenger hunt. Our creation wizard allows users to drop different locations as pins on a map that dynamically updates with each location added, and add clues for players to find said spot. Once on a quest, a user's location will be constantly updated until they arrive at the quest location, at which point they will complete that objective. Quest creators are able to track the progress of all users participating in their quests. Once all locations for a quest are completed, users are redirected to a page showing them who finished first and where they rank amongst finishers. Built on Ruby on Rails



Skyletters was built in 3 hours as a hackathon project during my WDI course at General Assembly. As users enter text in the input field, a letter cloud is populated in real time based on the frequency each letter apears in the text being typed. Built on React.


Image OceanLand is a full-stack web application built entirely on React. Users can view photos of various fish, and, upon signing up, create, edit, or destroy fish.

Games by Joe

Image Games by joe is a community driven game review web app. Users can write and read reviews about all sorts of games. Built wit Express, Node, and Postgres, with a flexbox heavy front end.